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Renew Your Commitment to Spring Clean

  • by Lee Smith
spring cleaning

March 19th is the first day of spring and the vernal equinox – a great time to re-test that egg balancing feat from your childhood. Unfortunately, the equinox egg balancing myth has been busted. Bummer of a reality check from Steve Spangler who notes that “the equinox is about balanced light, not balanced eggs or special gravity.”

Spring Hospitality

As Arizona, Phoenix Valley residents – adulting – we think of spring as a time to get our homes showroom ready for all our snow-burdened friends who come stampeding into Scottsdale for Spring Training, luxe shopping at Scottsdale Fashion Square and the Scottsdale Quarter, and nights out in Old Town.

But before you restock your liquor cart and have your linens pressed, take a moment to be a guest in your own home. Walk through your own front door to understand your guests’ arrival experience. How does your home look? How does it smell? How does it feel? Where are your eyes drawn first?

Of course, you will be more critical of your space than any guest with good manners, but it takes more than your warm personality to make your guests comfortable. Are your dogs, cats, children, and stacks of important papers taking away from their entrance experience?

Although it may not be possible to eliminate the animals and hide your children, you can remove the clutter. And have your carpets and windows professionally cleaned. And freshen the air with flowers mixed with sprigs of eucalyptus.

Renew your Commitment to Clean

If you really want to take your hospitality to the next level, take a shower in the guest bathroom and sleep in the bed.

Take notes on the comfort, convenience, and cleanliness of your guest spaces.

Will Goldilocks find the bed “too hard, too soft, or just right”?

Do you offer your fluffiest towels, a basket of toiletries, and sparkling surfaces?

Or are you hoping that your guests cannot feel grit on the floor of your patio or notice the dirty windows? Do you need to buy carpet runners to hide the dirty grout in your high-traffic hallways?

If you are not entirely satisfied with the way your house looks to your friends, their presence can feel like a burden. And that feeling will put a damper on your mood when you deserve to enjoy your time together and serve as their guide for some touristy fun.

Arizona Indoor/Outdoor Living

If you are an Arizona native like me, you may remember the 5 C’s of Arizona’s economy that were drilled into us in third grade. I usually forget one – but they are: Copper. Cattle. Cotton. Citrus. And Climate.

Well, spring is the best time to capitalize on our Climate – our weather is fantastic and gives us a wonderful opportunity to emphasize the seamless designs of our integrated indoor/outdoor spaces.

Entertain your guests by expanding your living spaces across thresholds – open the doors and windows, play music, serve a pitcher of margaritas, and lounge by the pool.

You want your guests to feel warm, relaxed, and welcomed . . . and to forget, for a few glorious moments, about icy roads, snow days, and traffic jams.

Schedule Ahead for Comfort, Cleanliness, and Convenience

Hosting may not be your favorite activity, but with some planning and thoughtfulness, you can eliminate the awkward conversations that begin with “So what would you like to do while you are here” by offering a list of activities, selecting hiking trails, making restaurant reservations, and knowing all the things to do in Scottsdale.

Fully focus on your guests by scheduling your professional cleaning services to be completed before your guests arrive. No one wants to wait around for grocery deliveries, housekeepers, or repair technicians!

As a local Scottsdale company, Renew Cleaning Services recommends getting your spring floor cleaning scheduled as soon as possible so we can work around your timeline. When you need your carpets, tile and grout, windows, patio stone, and furniture beautified before your guests arrive, please call (602) 619-0687.

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and stand behind our cleaning services. We also value your time and will communicate clearly on arrival times and expectations. We service Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, North Phoenix, and surrounding areas.

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