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We’re happy to let you know that our standard cleaning service will make your carpets look brand new. Here’s what we’ll do: we’ll pre-treat the area, agitate the carpet fibers, and use our advanced technology and state-of-the-art equipment to give it a deep clean. Please note that pricing may vary depending on any ongoing promotions, but we ensure that our rates remain reasonable. Payment is due after the service, and we accept cash and all major credit cards. Thanks for choosing us!

Carpet Cleaning

Our cleaning services consider a carpeted room to be a space with tacked-down wall-to-wall carpeting that does not exceed 250 sqft. If the room is larger than this, it will be counted as two or more separate rooms. Please note that hallways and stairs will be priced individually and cannot be included in our 3-room special pricing. Additionally, area rugs are not considered as carpeted rooms, and if you require cleaning for them, kindly get in touch with us for an estimate! *Minimum $195 per cleaning

3 Room Special


Three rooms of carpet cleaning.

Added Rooms


Another room of carpet cleaning after the third.



A single staircase of carpet cleaning.


$2.75 per linear foot

A linear foot of hallway carpet cleaning.



A single room, hallway, or staircase of carpet protectorant.

Tile & Stone Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning and sealing tile and stone, we’re the experts. Our professional team will leave your floors looking spotless and protected for years to come. So why wait? Book your tile and stone cleaning today and experience the difference for yourself! We consider a room to be around 250 square feet or less. If a room is bigger than that, we count it as two or more separate rooms.

1 – 2 Rooms


One to two rooms of tile/stone cleaning.

Added Rooms


Price when booking 3 or more rooms of tile/stone cleaning.

Small Rooms


Small rooms such as laundry & bathrooms up to 100 sqft.


$2.75 per linear foot

Walkways are considered to be hallways & small entries.

Room Sealant


One room of tile/stone sealant.

Small Room Sealant


Small rooms such as laundry & bathrooms up to 100 sqft.

Walkway Sealant

$2 per linear foot

Walkways are considered to be hallways & small entries.

Upholstery Cleaning

When we take care of your upholstered furniture, we go the extra mile to ensure it looks and feels its best! Our standard upholstery cleaning service covers all the essentials: we’ll clean the top, bottom, and sides of every cushion, as well as the bench where those cozy cushions rest, and the frame. However, please keep in mind that we won’t be able to move your furniture or reach areas that are tucked away and hard to access, like the back of a couch that’s snug against a wall. Pricing is the same for leather furniture and fabric furniture! Pricing does not include throw pillows; each throw pillow is $2 to $5 per side. *Minimum $195 per cleaning

Single Chair or Recliner (seats one)

$35 – $45

Upholstery cleaning for a single chair or recliner which seats one.

Love Seat
(seats two)


Upholstery cleaning for a love seat which seats two.

(seats three)


Upholstery cleaning for a couch which seats three.

Sectional Couch


Upholstery cleaning for a sectional couch.

Dining Chairs

$5 – $15

Upholstery cleaning for dining chairs. Price depends on the amount of fabric. Example: a chair that only has cushion fabric versus a chair that is entirely covered in fabric.