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Button Up Your Home for Summer with Renew

  • by Lee Smith
Get your home summer ready with Renew Cleaning Services

If you are one of the lucky ones to escape the Valley for the summer, batten down the hatches to avoid monsoon dirt and debris from entering your home.

Prepare for Departure by Planning for your Return

Tempted to leave the Valley as quickly as possible before the extreme temperatures hit?

The summer of 2023 was the hottest and driest summer on record and no one wants to experience that again!

But before you go, remember that a little planning and forethought around buttoning up your Scottsdale area home for the season will save you time and heartache upon your return.

No matter if your extended vacation takes you to Europe or to your summer home on Martha’s Vineyard, it is a really good idea to address the nagging honey-do list before you go. Schedule your annual AC and appliance tune-ups and remodeling projects for the time your home is empty. This will shield your family from the inconvenience and impact of general home maintenance when you get back.

Just don’t forget to have your home professionally deep cleaned before you leave, or after any remodeling projects, so that your family can return to a clean and healthy home.

Minimize Damage from Arizona Monsoon Season

The National Weather Service determined that 2023 was a mild monsoon season, but monsoon damage was still costly for homeowners in some areas of the Valley.

Arizona’s monsoon season starts in June and can last through September – and the damage from high winds, thunderstorms, hail, lightning strikes, rain, power surges, and haboobs can wreak havoc on properties.

As AZ residents, we love using the word “haboob” to describe our severe dust storms. But haboobs,

Tips to protect your home from monsoons and haboobs in Phoenix, Arizona

with walls of dust that can reach 5,000 feet high and 100 miles wide, can force dust and debris into Arizona homes that are not fully sealed against the elements. Before you leave your home for the summer, take note of these to-do’s:

Protect your Flooring and Furniture from Damage

Are you depending on luck to keep your home safe? Or are you more of “an ounce of prevention” kind of homeowner?

Maybe you feel confident about leaving your home to the elements in the off-season if your security cameras and alarms are ready. Maybe you deploy a top-down approach to home protection – verifying that all your systems (especially AC, plumbing, and electrical) are functioning properly, your home is clean and organized, and your pool and landscaping are continuously maintained. 

Some homeowners will turn off the water main and electricity to their homes in the off-season to avoid disasters.

One Scottdale client left his home for 10 days – and returned to find his ceiling had collapsed onto the furniture and carpet – covering them in wet drywall and soggy insulation. The furniture and flooring were a total loss – along with some walls where the drywall had soaked up the moisture from the floor. The damage was attributed to a pinhole leak in the attic water line – which piped water from the sink to the ice machine. Once the claim was paid, the homeowner’s insurance company dropped the client.

It’s stories like this that compel people to turn off their water. But most people keep their utilities on for security systems, AC, landscaping, and pool fillers.

Salt River Project (SRP) recommends that thermostats be set no higher than 85 degrees while you are away on vacation because extreme summer heat can damage flooring, furnishings, and artwork. If you choose to leave your utilities on, it pays to invest in a home-watch company, a reliable neighborhood teenager, or have your regular property management company periodically walk through your home and yard to find anything amiss.

Arizona monsoon haboob season

Don’t Let Your Home Become a Victim of Vacation Neglect

In addition to employing a home-watching service, you can do more to minimize the risk of becoming a victim of criminal activity or structural damage while you are away.

  • File a Vacation Watch Request with the  City of Scottsdale police department. Police officers will periodically drive by to check on your home.
  • Close all your windows and blinds (but keep interior doors open to let air circulate).
  • Ask your neighbors to remove any packages or door hangers from the property.
  • Add timers to your lights so they turn on at random times.
  • Professionally deep clean your floors to prevent spots and stains from becoming permanent – any pet odors will intensify with the heat and disuse.
  • Remove any chemical-based air fresheners and replace them with neutralizing deodorizers.
  • Inspect indoor plumbing connections to prevent leaks and subsequent mold.

You’ve got a lot to do before you leave the Valley for the summer, and Renew Cleaning Services can help you prepare your home for the summer. We offer professional deep cleaning of furniture, tile, stone, carpets, and rugs. As an Arizona native with over 25 years in the professional floor-cleaning business, owner Lee Smith is uniquely positioned to understand the seasonal demands of home maintenance. Call us at (602)-619-0687 to schedule your service.

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